Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ride in My Car

Ride in My Car
She’s alive and in my car
the distance between us
is concrete
it is a solid state
like a lump in the throat.
Last night was difficult
calling her a whore
didn’t help
it never does.
My anger is always
never hit the true target
never search for the source
the real cause.
Our lives have become
a downward spiral
we are lost
and out of control.
There is no incentive
to continue on
we both want to forget
the past we used to share.
We are done
you and I
broken on the rocks of life.
The little things grow
between the cracks
and slowly pull apart.
It’s so small and gradual
we didn’t notice it
day by day
until it reached a point
of no return.
We have fallen together
in the abyss
and the beast
has torn us apart.
My love no longer lives
my heart no longer feels
this taste in my mouth is death.
Death is my only comfort
the death of a life
that we once knew
and shared
and enjoyed.
But that is all gone now
the distance has grown
too much.
I no longer can leap
to the other side
where you are.
It is beyond my ability
I no longer feel the strength
that we once shared.
Now there is only weakness
and despair
regret for what was.

© Deep Piercing Cut 2008

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