Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i see

I See
I can see the future in a dead man’s eyes.
Reflection of the flame wrapping up the world.
Wind your music box and be sure of your words.
No one walks with me as tomorrow cries.
Long gone laughter still haunts me.
The book’s pages scattered on the floor.
Something I can’t explain, heaven out of hell.
Your veiled smile changes the way.
You and I are dear lost souls.
Caught in the witch’s spell, we will never tell.
The dust of friends collected on the shelf.
Facing the sky and never wonder why.
There so much more than we can feel.
Grass between my toes and the wind in your hair.
I refuse to take you by the hand and lead you through the maze.
There is a plague upon your mind, it’s name is conformity.
There is no promised land, all the sheep are slaughtered.
These marks last forever, we cannot trade them away.

© Deep Piercing Cut 2008

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