Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blurred Saliva

Blurred Saliva
Proving nothing,
a subtle persuasion,
bring forth the sin,
working vice and virtue.
She demands a pound of flesh,
crafts the surface and symbol,
goes deep beneath and beyond,
still more than before.
Fearful waking dream,
coughing up her last,
customer and cucumber,
they all seem the same.
Blessed blurred virgin,
stretched out on the pipes,
bottle still in hand,
spitting out the venom.
Celebrate mumbling masses,
endless mundane shuffle,
crank the organ grinder,
she loves her monkey.
Enough love for us all,
she within her heart,
feeds us orphans,
a bowl of cold milk.
She reads in moonlight,
the history of genocide,
inherited Social Darwinism,

© Deep Piercing Cut 2008

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