Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken Symmetry

Broken Symmetry
How it flows
this special unction
to the feet
of barbarians.
It flew for me
really it did
I put my trust
in your disbelief.
Turned on its head
we digest the details
strange karmic horror
after the opaque.
The liquid drips
out of telepathic holes
you see the Madonna
through bloodshot eyes.
We have to move
to make room
for the Banana Republic
their sales are phenomenal.

The future is uncertain
there are too many variables
to control for alternative explanations.
See how they run
from the heels of destruction
spinning tales of crazy love
broken symmetry.
You seek to find
a strange equality
in all things
both big and small.
You are responsible
for seeding the excess
the abundance of happiness
over the madness.
We play Chinese checkers
and smoke big fat joints
dreaming of Atlanta
and the summer Olympics.

I wrestle with the uncertainty
the random digits of distress
that shake the foundations
of my beliefs.
Kuhn would call it a revolution
and Ockham would see a razor
in the ink spots.
We travel to the ancient city
and watch the daughters
of merchants
bend time.
I look behind the stage
for the strings
and find none.
How strange?

© Deep Piercing Cut 2008

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