Monday, June 6, 2011

Giant Mammal 1172PRT

Sinful and splintering among the dreamscape
We bend electric devils about the light
Damn! The feeling felt good
So sinning above the flowers
I see dark witches behind the flock
Alack! The day is gone
Evil and quaking over the light
I expel cold women about the earth
Dig it! The day has vanished
unsure curious
saying goodbye
a trace of sadness
For how long
the sailor
seek shelter
while the world changed
Giant Mammal 1167T

Very desirous within the trees
We converse with brilliant tongues in the bullshit
Damn! The vision is good
All sexy behind the vapors
We see heavy spells beside the ground
Awaken! The lust will go
All wanting within the tomb
I draw dry brains below the shadows
God! The fun felt good
shining altered
turning away
the next life waiting
With what memories
the witness
look for love
in a different light

Giant Mammal 1144
To do torro
List function
Giant Mammal 1143
To jump back…
Two hits of
A worthwhile vision
One with my heart
Celestial silhouette
Giant Mammal 1142

A large bite on my leg
Little clown with humble teeth
Phone call tuber
Mash with the large wood spoon.

Giant Mammal TP9712PEFF344567.0052

Strangely hot above the spirits
We prod desirous fears under the trees
Bizarre! The twilight felt good
Sinister and humming under the dream
We expel quiet toads near the trees
Be transparent. The thought is born
Very evil behind the clouds
We smear poisonous witches beside the dreamscape
Way cool! The Knight keeps going
backlit altered
in another country
nothing to lose
In whose heart
our neighbour
stop for a while
and find road-signs
Giant Mammal DX12PEFF344567.002

All red over the fog
We seduce florescent evil among the water
We Reach! The Queen gets weird
Strange and entrancing above the flowers
We hobnob with transparent keys beneath the rain
Alack! The sin continues
Very quaking among the spirits
I dream of flying claws near the slime
Be wary! The Fool is born
penniless unseeing
a long way from home
a sense of danger
With what regrets
my likeness
chase his dream
taking a chance
Giant Mammal PZ9543221765.997435621008
Dark and invisible, beyond the virgin
I examine peaceful children beside the earth.
Be aware! The twilight will vanish.
All quaking behind the slime.
You invoke red shivas among the clouds
Intense! The lust is vanishing!
Quite transparent near the shadows …
I gather vaporous brains beyond the fire,
Heavy! The sin is over
shifting tired
out of control
any wind that blows.
To what end?
the guest ?
turn aside,
while the snow fell.
Giant Mammal PZ9543221765.022135
So violet behind the mud
We condemn wanting elves among the land
Intense! The pleasure keeps going
So glowing over the clouds
We sense evil sounds beyond the trees
Yo! The lust shall flee
So dank beneath the tomb
We smell lustful graves in the shadows
Be watchful. The Fool gets weird
open-eyed altered
blurring at the edges
a backward glance
In whose arms
the foreigner
miss his chance
while the world changed
Giant Mammal PZ9543221765.00009
All arid against the bullshit
I taste sinning fragments below the spirits
Whoa! The thought shall flee
I am florescent among the flowers
I hobnob with transparent tongues about the gods
Whoa! The devil is dying
All blue woman in the water
We transform arid sounds behind the shadows
and swim like jackals
Be aware! The lust will vanish
translucent nameless
in the night
the next life waiting
In whose arms
the sailor
seek the road back
talking to himself
Giant Mammal 051811

So angry above the land
We draw sinning rats in the spirits
Be luminous. The feeling has come
I am rabid over the dream
You battle luminous disasters beneath the spirits
Awaken, awaken! The night has fled
Very sticky before the dream
You grasp angry bugs on the fog
God! The Fool felt good
luminous hungry
saying goodbye
a backward glance
How many times
the hero
come singing
while the snow fell
Giant Mammal 012406

Future, present, and past
on the tip of my stick,
no doubt about it.

This way, spitting blood,
I enter your room empty handed,
but my head is covered by your bliss.

Barefoot in my coming and my going,
I vanish with your dreams in my pocket,
crushing the lizard with my heel.

Giant Mammal 92F (discovered under the aortic froth)

Giant Mammal 92F (discovered under the aortic froth)

I am so sick of your napkin miracles,
to all the rest be damned,
your spirituality and dementia.

They don’t pay my bills or the rent,
pointed, black, and lifeless,
your aerial rotating house rises with the steam’s hiss.

It was a red letter dog
that delivered my love to you,
damn nice of him to work so cheaply.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Giant Mammal 1154WSD

Giant Mammal 1154WSD

Totally flying beneath the vapors
I rotate wanting knives about the dream
Tighten up your wig! The inspiration is fleeing
Strangely glittering above the shadows
You swallow quaking men on the bullshit
Damn! The feeling will come
All quiet in the slime
I stroke tiny virgins below the sky
Damn! The bastard is fleeing
unafraid unseeing
trying to recall
a trace of sadness
Out of whose dream
the sailor
unlearn his past
in the late light

Giant Mammal 1147

Giant Mammal 1147

Totally grotesque behind the rain
We taste dull knives about the flowers
Alass! The night is vanishing
All rabid in the land
You absorb evil eggs among the flowers
Be watchful. The bastard is vanishing
All tiny beyond the dream
I squeeze blue elves on the fog
We Reach! The inspiration must continue
darkening and altered
not understanding
the next life waiting
At how many harbours
my friend
chase his dream
and never catch up

Friday, June 3, 2011

Giant Mammal 12X12

Giant Mammal 12X12

You are a god with a torpedo,
salvaged from the war,
between the Texans and the Followers of L.

The chronicled experiences of the nuclear family,
I think it was the combination of duct tape and Browning shotguns
that struck a chord with society.

As the bulldozers tore down your walls,
everybody is in shadow now,
I would have to pull out the book and show you.

Having to walk down those marble stairs forever,
and putting up with the risk of being misunderstood,
putting it out there.