Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Next Whiskey Bar

Next Whiskey Bar
You left me wounded by the roadside,
taillights and magic in the air,
the night bites me back,
gnawing at my civilized self.
Your honesty is killing me,
as I bleed out into the dust,
real means a whole in my heart,
the home you abandoned.
You didn’t want to hear the truth,
order is the path of the hopeless,
no more revolution in your eyes,
suck the green from the dollar.
My crimes were compassion,
remembering your shape,
reverting to the same old plan,
words of hopeless danger.
I touched you with my fire,
a brand upon your soul,
took you to the edge,
showed you how to fly.
Sister blue sky,
with your diamonds,
they sparkle and cry,
crawling to oblivion.
I empty out the silence,
forgetfulness and pleasures,
rolling up the obscurity,
moving on again.

© Deep Piercing Cut 2008

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