Monday, August 30, 2010

Ascending to Heaven on an Eagle

Ascending to Heaven on an Eagle

I shall not be too forward
Advancing tales spun in moonlight
Fabulous secrets of nature
Avoiding all absurdities
Like Jack avoids the doctor

We consider the quality
Wares that the salesman brings
Fanfares and banners held on poles
While the children dance
Soldiers for the war

Breathe new life into your madness
Wave to the dregs as they pass
Spare not their rank or abilities
Heathens and idolaters have spoken
Experience teaching us new lessons

Who trouble not themselves
Occasion to observe
Ignorance by the cruelty
Most vile and atonable creature
Exceeds our efforts and wholly depends

With thunder and lightning
Where comes the power
Done by wicked and diabolical
Souls desirous of communion
Dispose their good Angels

Aim only for the practice
To pretend and to honor
By heaps of stones and statues
Assemblies of the people
Instruction of the truth

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