Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jealous Punk

Jealous Punk

Empty your heart of its mortal dream
To be like the gods in all glory
Infinite power and blessed grace
Rise above the mundane
Embrace the sacred and holy
Your image illuminating my mind

The slumber of darkness waits
Standing alone as in the beginning
Bringing the flame of divinity
Becoming like God, closing the gap
Removing all weakness from the flock

Darkly placed upon my eyelids
Poor, tired, wandering fool
Sold for a fleeting chance
My words sent forth
To reap what they have sown
Gather up the fruits of time

Mighty walls stand before me
Raised up by my free will
Testaments to my stubbornness
Victims to my crimes
Like fallen tombstone left to decay
Forgotten souls of the living

Recognize the devils that surround you
Remember how they tormented
Betrayed by your recollection
Justified by self-righteous fever
Your mind a lethal weapon

Its all about survival and space
Sending it all back around
A soulless, jealous punk
Rules made to be broken
An all together different game

Me up on the highway
Sure I’m out there
Standing there like Satan
The biggest dog on the street
Hiding in the bottomless pit

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