Sunday, August 29, 2010

It changed the whole

It changed the whole

I looked up
The first gulp
Stopped by the moment
Walking into the glimpse
Page after page of realization
You have been living with a lie
A stone around your neck
Dragging you down
Your legs are the roots of trees
Planted in the soil of terror
A soul that you never had the taste for
Words are meaningless to the axe
Let us talk about your crazy eyes
Too long in the branches
Close to the boundary
The most enchanting

The human spore
Of value
Of dignity
Of light
The cold fabric of life
A dirty mouth
Choking and hissing tongue
Marked by the loss
A forlorn island
Accepting the eviction
The odious sense of sacrifice
Screwed in another direction
Trampled upon
A great big hole
We fall into
And are reduced to ashes
The soil of complete
Layer upon layer
Saluted relics
To have being
Standing in a trance
A strange moving substance
The old dream

Vague at the edges
A peculiar metamorphosis
Crumbling on my hands
Dying comfortably
Deserted them
Through the rites
An absolute stranger
Moving on to new battles
As the world moves
Slightly bent at an angle
That lets only a fraction in
Chewed alive and digested
As flesh and blood
Reshaped by the spirit
Penetrated through, endowed
Everything out of place
The deeper I burrow into the evolution
Like a pushed worm
A warm human pressure
Like a tornado
With big blue eyes

I am desolate
Most horrible anguish
Like a maniac
Through a hole
Incredible and monstrous
It seems so natural
To be howling inside
The wolf within
Chewing on the carcass
It totters and careens
I am in the dream once again
Pleasurable and maddening
Muttering to myself
Now till doomsday
Mangled and torn apart
Kill them all
The stars shine
And everybody suffers
Twisted and formed by human hands
We wander forlorn and desperate
Seeking the body
Drifting with the current
Born out of a wound
A ghost in their midst
In the void

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